Are Some Rules Regarding Grammar Made To Be Broken?

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This is Sandie Centre back with another blog, and today we’d like to discuss grammar. There are extremely fine lines when it comes to the breaking of grammatical rules. Here at Sandie Centre, we tend to stick to one rule when this issue arises in our blogs, that is “If you’re texting its ur, if you’re writing its you’re”.

Today’s society has embraced many different idea’s regarding grammar. In this century, people consider texting a language. Texting has brought short forms into the lives of individuals, such as: “lol” for laugh out loud, “res” for respect, “rents” for parents, or “g” for guy. Just because people text this way, doesn’t mean that it’s impactful towards someones writing language.

The TED Talk above presented by John McWhorter, a linguistic, discusses how texting is only improving language. In the TED Talk, McWhorter states “lol acts as a marker of empathy and accommodation, what linguistics call pragmatic particles, and which exist in many languages”(Huong-Ha, 2013, Para.7).

At Sandie Centre, we believe that grammatical rules are before our century, and we are moving away from grammatical norms every day. We also believe that texting language doesn’t bleed through to writing language, and the ability to properly write and expand in writing language isn’t affected by texting language. People don’t write “ur” in an essay in exchange for “you’re”, but they do in texting, which is completely correct to do. The whole idea behind texting is to contact someone fast due to not having enough time to contact them over the phone, so for someone to use short forms and contractions on a communication level thats over social media that nearly everyone understands is not harming grammar as a whole. Norms throughout the world adopt and grow into more diverse and accepting norms that embrace different kinds of thinking and learning. Grammar is thought out and planned by the individual texting or writing.

Sandie Centre strives to understand current issues, and issues that will be up and coming. The issue at hand regarding grammar rules is not an issue that will affect society, and therefore just like other cultural and social norms, they are made to be broken and to adopt to new idea’s as our world evolves into something new.

Thank you for taking time to look through our blog regarding grammatical rules, please leave you’re opinion on the matter in the comments below!


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